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6G needs to avoid repeating 5G's cliches and hype

Which requires correct decision making around

Disruptive 6G aims to help the wireless industry extend the successes – and avoid the pitfalls – of 5G's evolution path. It synthesises inputs from industry organisations, vendors, academia and governments, alongside our own 50+ years of experience and insight. Our thought leadership, advice and analysis separates plausible reality from hype, and assists decision-makers in their journey.

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These use of AI and Machine Learning in 6G
Categorizing the 130 projects recently discovered in 6G discussions as expected to require AI/machine learning, we expect the AI landscape to look like this: Across the top, the diagram shows the categories of AI project (please see previous blog post) – described as“not really AI” through to having “6G specific needs”. Network Use Cases Network […]
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Is 6G really “AI-Native”?
6G is coming along behind the hype of 5G and unless there is a coherent list of AI activities with a return on investment attached, it is going to be harder for all parties (telcos and vendors) to make investment decisions. We spent some time looking at projects discussed as developing AI capabilites for 6G […]
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6 Key Questions for your 6G Strategy … and Our Answers
1. What actually is 6G? 6G is not yet formally defined, but the broad contours are becoming clearer, with an approaching consensus for certain features and needs, plus a long-list of potential capabilities and technological features. 6G represents a chance to fix the limitations already visible with 5G, and also reflect the rapid changes in […]
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Webinar “6G: Hype or Reality”
Dean and Charlotte’s recent webinar for STL Research.
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Welcome to Disruptive 6G! Our starting point…
Welcome to Disruptive 6G, a new project to analyse, predict and advise on developments in the next generation of wireless technology.  We are Charlotte Patrick and Dean Bubley, two seasoned technology analysts with expertise from spectrum policy and cellular business models, through to virtualisation and AI. We’ll be posting articles and shorter posts on 6G […]
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